11-11-2018 Reflection

All three readings speak to us about giving. In the first reading, the widow from Zarephath tells Elijah: Just now I was collecting some sticks, to go in and prepare something for myself and my son; when we have eaten it, we shall die.

The Letter to the Hebrews tells us: But now once for all he has appeared at the end of the ages to take away sin by his sacrifice.

Jesus tells his disciples in today’s gospel: For they contributed from their surplus wealth, but she, from her poverty, has contributed all she had, her whole livelihood.

Each of the givers in our readings gave everything they had! The greatest giver is Jesus, who gave His life for each one of us. His sacrifice on the cross was once for all: …Christ, offered once to take away the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to take away sin but to bring salvation to those who eagerly await him.

How about us? Do we give our all to Jesus in prayer and at Mass? Do we give of ourselves and our time to those we love, especially our family? Do we give of ourselves and our time to the least of the brothers and sisters in Christ?

St. Theresa of Avila said that what God values most is not so much the gift we give, as the love that motivates it. It is our God who multiplies the gift of our time, talent or treasure in a way that we may never imagine.

May God bless us all always!
Deacon Mike