3-24-2019 Reflection

God said, “Come no nearer! Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.”

In the first reading from the Book of Exodus, Moses seems to be having an ordinary day – taking care of the sheep as he would every day. But then, the extraordinary happens in the midst of the ordinary. Moses sees a bush on fire, but not consumed. God called out to him from the bush, “Moses! Moses!” Moses does not hesitate to respond: “Here I am.” God then starts a dialogue with Moses, beginning what would become a lifelong friendship between God and Moses.
Moses tells God that the Israelites are going to ask, “What is his name?” God tells Moses how to respond: I AM sent me to you. This name reveals the divine nature of God. Sometimes I will speak to children in CCD classes and give them an opportunity to ask questions. What seems to be a common question is, “Who created God?” God’s response to Moses reveals that He is uncreated. God always was, always is and always will be – not easy for a child to grasp, yet alone an adult.
God also reveals Himself to Moses as having care and compassion for the sufferings of the Israelites. We will see further as Moses leads the Israelites that God patiently waits for them to trust in Him. The fig tree in the parable Jesus gives us in today’s gospel is the people of Israel. God gave them a choice place in his plan, taking special care of their needs.

St. Paul tells us in our second reading from the 1st Letter to the Corinthians that the Israelites did not bear fruit. God gave them a second chance, like the fig tree’s caretaker.
We too have been given a choice spot in God’s plan. God too takes special care of us. God too waits for us to turn away from sin, to seek His mercy and forgiveness. Yes, Jesus has saved us, but we must undergo constant conversion. We must allow Jesus to prune our fig tree, so we too can bear rich and plentiful fruit for the Kingdom of God!

God bless all!

Deacon Mike