5-31-2020 Reflection

Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2020

Fifty days have passed since we celebrated Easter Sunday. The origins and significance of today, Pentecost Sunday can be traced back to the early Christians who celebrated the descent of the Holy Spirit, 50 days after Easter. Christ’s Paschal Mystery is brought to completion.

What is Pentecost all about? We celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles and the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the Church. All of this is true…but what is Pentecost really all about?

The Holy Spirit wants us to see Jesus in a whole new way. What does this mean? Each of us must ask the question: Am I an “on fire” Catholic or just lukewarm. Just what is an “on fire” Catholic and why is this important?

The Holy Spirit wants to reveal Jesus more and more to us, in prayer, at Mass and especially in those in need. An “on fire” Catholic allows the Holy Spirit to burn away the things that keep us from Jesus…fears, anxieties, lack of forgiveness, hesitancy to give – especially of our time and anything else that weighs us down and prevents us from giving and doing our best for Jesus.

Thus, we become like those first apostles and disciples, eager and willing to share our faith, foremost by putting our faith into action – helping the poor, that is, those lacking justice, basic necessities or the experience of the love of Jesus Christ in their life – far more than just material poverty, we must address the spiritual poverty in our midst.

We ask ourselves, are we excited about being a Catholic? If we are not or only somewhat, what should we do? The answer is – the same as the first followers of Jesus – ask Jesus to send the Holy Spirit upon us in a new and powerful way, renewing the gift of the Holy Spirit received first at Baptism.

Ask Mary, to be guided by the Holy Spirit, just as she was guided by the Holy Spirit her entire lifetime, to lead us closer to Jesus, to be on fire with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ! Come Holy Spirit, guide us through this pandemic, safely and in good health.!

Deacon Mike