9-12-21 Reflection

First Reading: Isaiah 50:5-9a
Second Reading: James 2:14-18
Gospel: Mark 8:27-35

Peter said to him in reply, “You are the Christ.”

     I would imagine that you have heard the expression: “in the zone”, which often refers to athletes being focused and performing at a top level. A baseball hitter “in the zone” will be able to hit even the most difficult pitches and get on base – another way of saying: “he has a sweet swing”. 

    We could say that St. Peter was “in the zone” when he responded to Jesus: “But who do you say that I am?” with “You are the Christ.” Perhaps we could say that Peter was in the zone with Jesus.  This means Peter was totally focused on Jesus with the eyes of faith. However, only a few verses letter in our gospel, Peter; who did not want to see Jesus take up the cross, would be severely scolded by Jesus. 

     Why do I want to be in the zone with Jesus? How do I get there? How do I stay there? All good questions…let’s start answering these questions by looking at our 2nd reading. James says: “I will demonstrate my faith to you from my works.” What are our works? Most of us lead very busy lives. We go from one activity to the next all day long. Would these “works” demonstrate our faith?  

     Think about this in terms of your relationships with those whom you love the most. Do you go from one activity to the next with them in an endless stream of activities? Or do you take time out to just enjoy one another’s presence? I am sure it’s the latter. So, why  don’t we take time out and just enjoy the presence of Jesus Christ in our life? 

Perhaps it can be through those we love….but, we also need some “one-on-one” time with Jesus as well. 

     Every person that comes to Mass each weekend is called to share our Catholic faith…some have responded to this call as a CCD teacher or RCIA instructor…others will do so as parents or grandparents. Do we know someone who is out of practice in our Catholic faith? Do we know any adult who has not been Confirmed yet? Do we know anyone who is interested in the Catholic faith, but currently practices another faith or none at all? Most of us know at least one person in these categories…that we can encourage and invite them accordingly. We have a RCIA program here at our parish (see below for details) for sacrament preparation. 

      At the end of our life, when we stand before Jesus Christ, only our works of love will matter and these works will speak for themselves.

May God bless us always!
Deacon Mike