Reflection 10-3-21

First Reading: Genesis 2:18-24
Second Reading: Hebrews 2:9-11
Gospel: Mark 10:2-16

Amen, say to you, whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it.

     In today’s gospel, Jesus says that we must accept the Kingdom of God like a child, in order to enter. We all were children once…so I thought about my childhood when I read this gospel. 

      When I was growing up as a child, I could see that my dad worked hard for the family and mom worked hard at home. While there was not a lot of money, but enough…we did not travel often and when we did, it wasn’t very far…but we still managed to have fun with what we had…without spending money or going places. As a child, I felt secure and confident in my parents, trusting in them. Sometimes, as a child, you want to be grown up quickly. In today’s gospel, Jesus tells us that we must become like little children…which is the opposite.  

     We must be open to learning, correction, obedience, trusting, truthfulness, without creating shades of truth or worrying about what people will think if… 

     We must approach the practice of our faith with the wonder and amazement of a child. We must have the same trust as a child in our relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ – a simple, undoubting faith. This is the same trust that we are called to have, if we are married. 

     God’s purpose in creation is the lasting union of husband and wife. Fidelity to one’s spouse is God’s desire for us. The reading from the Book of Genesis makes very important points of what we believe about marriage.  

     A man and a woman are partners in marriage; one is not subordinate to the other. Human sexuality is God given and good. The fruit of marital love is children. The wedding ring that a married man and woman wear is the sign of the undivided love – a circle portraying the lifelong unbroken commitment to each other. By the grace of God, the true meaning of marriage is lived. We follow the total self-giving example that Jesus Christ provides – the essence of love is found in that self-giving – and for a married couple, in the giving of oneself to your spouse.      

May God bless us always!
Deacon Mike